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June 12th, 2015
Branson Hills Golf Company, LLC an affiliate of HCW, LLC makes name change to the #1 ranked golf course in the state of Missouri
Branson, MO., June 12, 2015 - Branson Hills Golf Company, LLC (“BHGC”) located in Branson, Missouri, has announced a name change of its Payne Stewart Golf Club located in Branson, Missouri. Moving forward the course will be known as “Branson Hills Golf Club” according to golf manager, Dan Davis. Davis went on to say “We plan to continue displaying photographs of Missouri golf legends throughout the club house. Additionally, Branson Hills is making several upgrades to the golf course and clubhouse.“

The spokesperson for Payne Stewart Enterprises added, “Payne Stewart Enterprises appreciated the opportunity to be affiliated with this public course, which is among the best in...
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HCW, LLC is a development company and a construction management company committed to preserving and accentuating the natural beauty and unique characteristics of the communities in which it works. Headquartered in the dynamic tourism town of Branson Missouri, HCW’s developments reach out to bring top-quality commercial and residential projects into several states as well as Missouri, completing over 2 billion dollars in real estate development.

The character of the area is always taken into account in HCW developments. New construction blends harmoniously with existing structures, and rehabilitation projects bring freshness and up-to-date convenience to established structures. HCW projects can bring innovation, excitement and a new outlook to communities as they move into the future.

HCW takes the time to learn about each community before it proposes a project. Its staff researches the history, evaluates the economy and matches projects to community needs and wishes. HCW prides itself in delivering it’s projects on time & on budget.

More information about all HCW projects or HCW construction management is available by calling the HCW corporate office at 417.332.3404 or emailing to info@hcw.us. Requests for proposals can be obtained at the same number and address.